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Eczema (Itchy)

Atopic eczema (often called atopic dermatitis) is one of a group of related, inherited conditions that also includes asthma and allergic rhinitis.

It can make the skin dry, itchy, red, broken and sore. It sometimes makes the skin darker or lighter for a while.

People of all ages can get atopic eczema, but it usually starts in early childhood. It usually improves with age, but some people will have the condition into adulthood.

Many things, called 'trigger factors', can make atopic eczema worse. These include soaps or bubble baths, allergens (for example, pollen, pet fur and house dust mites) and certain foods.

Your healthcare professional should talk to you about any factors that may be affecting your child's atopic eczema, and should advise you not to take your child for high street allergy testing because there is no evidence that it's helpful.

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